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KarmaPets Ultrasonic Anti-Bark and Behavior Correction Trainer

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    KarmaPets Dog Trainer is an essential tool to help with training your dog by challenging bad behaviors. Say goodbye to barking, jumping and growling! No longer will you fear the mailman!

    Designed for dogs’ ears, the ultrasonic sound can only be heard by dogs and helps to quickly stop bad behaviors. This high pitch sound cannot be heard by humans and won’t have an impact on those around you.

    KarmaPets Dog Trainer is small and compact, carry it with you on walks and keep it close by in your home to tackle unruly behaviors, wherever you are. Easy to use buttons and a high power LED flashlight make this an essential tool for dog owners everywhere.

    Using KarmaPets Dog Trainer is proven to have a positive impact on behavior that gets better over time. Use KarmaPets Dog Trainer to stop negative behavior and reinforce positive behaviors with treats to see a difference in your dog over time!

    100% safe, KarmaPets Dog Trainer will cause no harm to humans or dogs, and is safe to use for training dog behaviors.

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Customer Reviews

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Happy with the results

After a bit of back and forth and additional training with my lab, he is starting to understand not to bark at every time someone comes to the door. The device has really helped with this and seems to be an effective tool to ironing out his bad behaviors.

Happy and quiet dog

Is your dog out of control?

Does your dog bark at everything?

Finding it difficult to stop these bad behaviors?

You Need The KarmaPets Dog Trainer!


The KarmaPets Dog Trainer is a training tool that is perfect for dogs that need training help to stop bad behaviors. Every dog wants to be a good dog, and with The KarmaPets Dog Trainer, they can be the best dog!

Training your dog can be simple with The KarmaPets Dog Trainer. This handheld tool gives instant feedback to your dog, telling them that bad behavior is not acceptable. This helps you to be in control with training your furry friend and helping them to be a good dog, building a positive relationship between you and your best doggy.


Anti Bark Device

Ultrasonic Sound

The KarmaPets Dog Trainer releases a high pitched sound that is specifically designed to be in your dog’s hearing range, so high that most humans can’t hear it. 


Bright Flashlight

 Built-in high power LED flashlight, can be used both to get the attention of your dog, and to light, the way on evening walks. 

Easy to Use

Use the KarmaPets Dog Trainer to train your dog over time, when bad behavior occurs, press and hold the Ultrasonic button to emit the sound, and your dog will soon learn to stop unruly behaviors.



How to Use The KarmaPets Dog Trainer to Train your Dog

So you’re walking your dog in the park and you meet a friend...but your dog is barking and jumping up at them! You try to get them to stop, with no luck and apologize over and over to your friend.

Here’s how to use The KarmaPets Dog Trainer to train your dog: 

  1. As your dog starts barking, stay calm and don’t yell at them as this can make them more excited. 
  2. Step closer to your dog and face them
  3. Press and hold the ultrasonic sound button to emit sound
  4. Your dog should calm and stop barking and jumping at your friend, release your hand from the sound button.
  5. Allow them a few seconds to calm further


Give positive reinforcement when they show good behavior, in this example, you could walk towards your friend again and reward your dog for not jumping or barking

Repeat these steps in different situations, and continue to reward your dog for their positive behavior!

You’ll soon see a big difference if you keep using The KarmaPets Dog Trainer and reward good behavior.

The KarmaPets Dog Trainer is harmless to humans and dogs, the ultrasonic sound is completely safe and this training tool should only be used in training, and not used to physically harm and animal.